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Not just… what keeps us busy…

So, its the time of the year when its all going on…  and this means we are running about doing whatever it is that can be done based on the days demands and needs…  surfing. biking. diving. fishing. walking…. and more..

What have we been doing ?

Not Just Boards and Bikes from swinhoe on Vimeo.

Messing about with boats…

Well, its summer-ish… windows of sunshine, separated by strong wind, lots of rain and heavy skies.

But that wont stop us. Summer is ploughing ahead… BBQ’s, surfing and getting the boats in the water.

Amongst the various things that can go wrong with a boat, the engine is the most important bit, usually…

So this year especially has been a learning curve in terms of buying, selling, running and maintaining outboard marine engines.

Thats not good….

But at the end of that day we have the skills and the tools to prevail… and the flat water of August is right around the corner, bring it on.


The bit before Easter

The blossom is appearing all over the trees, daffodils  are springing-up everywhere, and the kids are on holiday from this friday.

Easter is upon us.

The unseasonably nice weather has got everybody moving and thinking about the summer ahead. And that include us too ! :)

We went for a quick shore-dive last night, just off Beadnell Point, and were greeted with STUNNING conditions. Still a bit chilly, but totally worth it.

Check the video below… :)

Zoooooom !!

Well folks, what can I say, things sure have been busy around here.

Summer has yet to officially start in my book, its just been so mild – where is the heat ?
But that-said, there has been plenty to keep busy with, so sun or not, the people came.

Earlier in the summer we had a visit from Time Team on the point, digging the chapel there, with the show being aired in the autumn.

We had half of Cornwall’s finest up here as the swell dropped in the South West and the boys drove North in search of waves, good to see Stokesy, Fryer and Egor out in the water with us.

The usual raft of tourists have been queuing up to be rescued from the causeway at Holy Island – its an expensive mistake, and its not hard to avoid – check the crossing times !! :)

As well as the lighter side of things, the area had a couple deaths, both quite recently, one diving-related accident and one cliff-fall. Both very sad.

Looking forward once more to the August Bank Holiday weekend, the finale of the holidays, only one thing is being talked about – Crastonbury.

Big highlight for me this year – The Cuban Brothers headlining !!!!! You HAVE to see these guys. Truly epic entertainment. See the video below. :)

Must dash now, but promise to be back soon..

Crastonbury 2010 – A huge success !!

With only a couple of weeks notice, the village of Beadnell was treated to a very special one-day music festival put together by Michael at the Craster Arms.

Running from midday to midnight on the Saturday of the August bank holiday, the line-up included; The Tuckers, The Longsands, The Proper Boys, Martini Sessions, The Remmies and the Amy Housewine Band.

Big thanks also to James Cummings for the sound-tech and PA services, Photographs from nighttime below also by James –

It was a great day, with sprinklings of sunshine and rain, but the crowd was resolute and the weather did nothing to dampen the spirits.

The crowd was a great mix of families, old and young, with locals and visitors alike sharing the merriment and enjoying the day.

By 7am the next morning the entire garden was clean and clear and no-sign of the huge numbers of people could be seen –  a credit to all the staff and helpers who worked so hard.

We look forward to next year when the festival will get bigger and better !! Bring-on 2011 :D.

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