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Where’s winter ?

The winter weather patterns have been missing for the last month, mild weather and calm seas, not much surf..

But I found the odd little gem here and there… :)

Summer-time… all systems are GO.

Some times its difficult to use a camera to good effect, other times its easy to take good photos. A walk on the beach a couple of nights ago yielded some pleasing results.

The villages are buzzing with the various visitors and summer activities, and as soon as this un-seasonal weather leaves us July and August will be upon us and gone in a flash. The summer has been a blur of football, work and surfing. All good then.

I never write here with a political agenda, its not what this site is for. This space is for documenting and celebrating the village of Beadnell and the surrounding area. That said, I do want to mention the current plans for the village. The new housing estate behind Harbour Road is progressing its final stage with another batch of twenty plus houses to be finished by the year-end.

Along with this the Duke of Northumberland has plans currently with the Council for a large holiday park development right next to the car park for the bay, adjacent to the Long Beach development. These plans have come under much scrutiny and objection within the local community. The village has an ever-growing number of visitors and second home owners, and a local economy that is shrinking with no new facilities to support the new homes.

The Duke of Northumberland

The Duke of Northumberland

The Duke plans a seasonal holiday park, with basic facilities to service its own users. This copies the format he has used elsewhere, such as Alnwick, where he corners his market and peripheral local business lose-out and fail.
Its easy to imagine that the Dukes plans will be passed – they usually are – but the point of this being highlighted here is to raise awareness for the need for more local facilties to support and maintain the local community, rather than line-the-pockets of the Duke.

Documentation detailing the plans is hard to find currently, but should be available through the planning website eventually..

The Journal covers the plans here.

The Dukes plans get the Daily Mail treatment – here.

Locally, the feeling is that people would like to see the Duke doing more to support local communities rather than profiteering from them. Being that he and his wife have earned so much from the County, its time he started to repay the communities which he lord’s over…

… time will tell.

September – the dawn of autumn.

With the kids now back at school and the nights getting darker already, we know winter is approaching with haste.

But, before it fully arrives, September and October should deliver the sweet gems of bliss we all love. – September traditionally brings superb swell, with warm water and light winds.

Silver Glass

Silver Glass - Photo by

We’ve had very little swell of any size recently, which is to be expected up here on the east coast, the picture above was taken on a freak occasion a week or two ago, the guy taking-off was actually just out paddling about for some exercise  when this slab hit. This was the only wave of the day…. nothing came before or after it…  *sigh*.

So, to get you in the mood for the what-we-hope-is coming September Sessions, we have three bits if video to share with you;

The first was a little edit I chopped together whilst out diving with the seals on the bank holiday weekend with Farne Island Divers. – Not especially surf-related, but hey, no-ones perfect.

Farne Islands Divers – Diving with Seals – August 2009 from swinhoe on Vimeo.

The second is, “Yeah Boy “- shot on location in the Mentawai’s – a wet-dream that arrives via our cohorts at If 6 Was 9 in Noosa, Queensland.

Yeah Boy from if6was9 on Vimeo.

The third is….  well, it something a bit more grounding after the Indo sequence…  – Arctic Surf Film Part 1 – via some very brave boys from California. – Good on ya…

See you in the water..

Welcome to Beadnell Bay

I was inspired by the excellent weather just before the weekend, and went out and shot some footage with the intention of making a nice little video edit of the area.

And here it is… :)

Beadnell Bay Welcome from swinhoe on Vimeo.

Its not quite perfect, and I could have spent a lot more time on it but for a one day shoot and edit.. im pretty pleased. :)

Sunshine in May

With a weekend being battered by wind behind us, it was nice to get out and take some pictures of the Bay that did it justice !

Harbor view

Harbour view

Sailing Club yachts

Sailing Club yachts

Lime Kilns view of the harbor

Lime Kilns view of the harbour

Harbor tackle

Harbour tackle

Hiding in the dunes

Hiding in the dunes

We look forward to more of this in the coming months ! :)

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