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Messing about with boats…

Well, its summer-ish… windows of sunshine,┬áseparated by strong wind, lots of rain and heavy skies.

But that wont stop us. Summer is ploughing ahead… BBQ’s, surfing and getting the boats in the water.

Amongst the various things that can go wrong with a boat, the engine is the most important bit, usually…

So this year especially has been a learning curve in terms of buying, selling, running and maintaining outboard marine engines.

Thats not good….

But at the end of that day we have the skills and the tools to prevail… and the flat water of August is right around the corner, bring it on.


Stunning video of the North East coast.

This video came along at a very handy time. Im rushed off my feet, still, and have been neglecting this blog.. :(

But the following video is an ideal gap-filler, and its a great piece of work, showing-off the various assets and natural beauty the area has.

Promise to write soon.. :)

Welcome to Beadnell Bay

I was inspired by the excellent weather just before the weekend, and went out and shot some footage with the intention of making a nice little video edit of the area.

And here it is… :)

Beadnell Bay Welcome from swinhoe on Vimeo.

Its not quite perfect, and I could have spent a lot more time on it but for a one day shoot and edit.. im pretty pleased. :)

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