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Easter.. and pumping Thurso…

Easter being so late, we’re getting some odd holidays in the next fortnight.

The villages are ready for it – and it will be a bumper Easter with the wedding and Mayday all wrapped-in.

The warm weather and light nights are very welcome, but it still needs to warm up before you can put the winter coat away.

Beadnell Bay, April 2011

Still its not as cold as it is in Thurso, This time last year we were up there watching the same contest that is happening now, today.

It has been absolutely pumping surf however. Which is typical, since it was rubbish last year.

Some highlights..  remember, this is Scotland…

May-Day Bank Holiday

Well, summer is genuinely upon us. We have had some warm days, and the visitors have returned in full-force.

The General Election is days away and the country is alive with talk of the next government.

Beadnell, meanwhile, is plodding-on with charming predictability.
The only real changes, which I’m sure will cause a wave of discussion, is the new menu about to be released at the Beadnell Towers, and the semi-permanent marquee that has arrived at the Craster Arms in preparation for the World Cup next month.

The end of April gave me the opportunity to take a trip up to Thurso for the most prestigious surf contest in the British Isles, the Oneill Coldwater Classic / Highland Open 6 Star Prime WQS.

The surf was mediocre, the wind was strong, but the backdrop and area was stunning, and we got to meet some childhood icons along with way. All in all a good trip. Some photos below.

The surf here has been pretty decent in the last two weeks, much better than the previous months, and we’re crossing our fingers for more of the same.

I even managed to make a quick edit for the San Sebastian Surf Film Festibal in Spain. :)

More as it happens form the shores of Beadnell…

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